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Keep in the Know

CardConnect is dedicated to providing the best experience for our merchants; to accomplish this goal, we will, from time to time, release new or updated features. 

If you receive a FORMAT ERROR please make sure the zip code entered is a US Zip Code.

A security update requiring the browser/OS compatibility with the TLS 1.0 protocol will take place July 1st.  If the browser/OS is not compatible a message similar to “Unable to connect/generate and SSL connection” will display and you will not be able to login until the browser is updated.  Some older browsers will work IF a setting is change (listed below).

The following Browser/Operating System combination DO NOT support the new versions of TLS:

  • Internet Explorer (6-8 for Windows Server 2003)
  • Internet Explorer (7-9 for Windows Vista/Windows Server 2008)
  • Safari 6 for Mac OS X 10.8
  • Android Browser (Android 4.3 and below)
  • Safari Mobile (iOS4 and below)
  • Fire Fox 22 and below
  • Chrome 22 and below

The following Browser/Operating System combination CAN support the new versions of TLS but will need enabled:

  • Internet Explorer (8-10 for Windows 7/Server 2008 R2)
  • Internet Explorer (10 for Windows 8/Server 2012)
  • IE Mobile 10 for Windows Phone 8
  • Android Browser (Android 4.4-4.4.4)
  • Fire Fox 23-25

If you cannot see the menu toolbar press F5

Please be advised that all historical transaction data prior to January 1st, 2012 will be removed from the gateway on Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

Prior to March 4th you can retrieve your historical data by exporting a Transaction History report

Going forward transaction data has a two year retention

Marathon Solutions is now CardConnect

There will be no change to your services or support.

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All Right Reserved